Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It All Caught Up

Pretty much.  The last three and a half weeks have been a whirlwind and I was feeling great for the most part.  The baby was giving me 6-7 hours of (broken) sleep each night and if I needed a nap, I was able to take one most days.  I was surprised at how great I felt after having Tripp and my Mom said to me one day - "That new Mom high will last a few weeks.  It will wear off.  When it does, you'll have a bad day....and that's okay."  Sunday night/yesterday morning was that day. 

We got home from the family Father's Day celebration a little after 11pm, put the baby down and got ready for bed.  We finally laid down and I just started crying because I was that exhausted.  All of a sudden, I felt like a complete failure because there was so much that needed to be done around the house - stuff I normally take care of - and I haven't been able to get to it because stuff just keeps coming up. 

I am so grateful that Tripp is surrounded by so much love and so many people that want to meet him, but I never imagined how exhausting that would be!  I thought I would be fine because I'm normally a go-go-go kind of girl.  I feel like its ridiculous to say this only having 1 child right now, but it takes so much more effort to get out the door - timing everything so I can get ready while he's sleeping, making sure we get to where we're going before he gets hungry again, making sure I have everything I might need for him, etc.  I *love* all of our friends and family, but always having to go somewhere, see someone or play hostess finally took its toll. 

Two amazing things happened yesterday morning:

1. When Tripp started fussing at 7:30, Patrick got up and held him for a bit so that I could sleep 30 more minutes.

2. When Tripp & I finally made our way downstairs after he ate, Patrick was cleaning the house. 


Yesterday ended up being exactly what I needed.  We didn't go anywhere.  My parents came over for a short visit since my Dad is leaving tomorrow, but they brought us tamales for dinner so I didn't have to cook. :-)

I'm sure I'll be back to go-go-go again soon, but a few days of down time is exactly what the doctor ordered.  And speaking of doctors...4 week checkup on Thursday!  My running shoes are screaming my name.  


  1. Your hormones are going to drive you crazy for the next year. It will feel overwhelming many more times, but you will get through it!!! And don't feel like you have to do it all - have people come to you, or turn them down when they ask to come over - people will understand. Tripp comes first! xoxo