Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to Bikram! Or not.....

Morning!  Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. 
Last night, I decided I was going to get back into Bikram Yoga.  For anyone that doesn’t know, I have a serious love for Bikram.  That was my main form of exercise when I lost 35 pounds and it just feels SO good.  Maybe not at first J but after about 5 classes, I really fell in love. 
 (and she's pregnant!)

I haven’t been to Bikram in about 5 months and I was really missing it.  When I was having trouble getting pregnant, one of the things my naturopathic doctor recommended was taking a breather from the serious heat that comes with Bikram.  She said something about it being dehydrating and my bodily fluids being out of balance.  I don’t know – but it worked!  After I got pregnant, heat and nausea didn’t mix so well….so my hiatus continued.  After being out of the hot room for several months, I was a little apprehensive to go back and not be “used to it.” 
Last night, I decided to just do it. 
(lululemon athletica manifesto) 
I emailed two different local studios to introduce myself and find out which instructor on their team was especially knowledgeable in the pregnancy adaptations.  Major sad face this morning when I read the *second* email I got back saying “We love that you want to try but no.”  Wah waahhhhhh.  I just assumed it wouldn’t be a problem since I have been practicing for years and have seen so many pregnant ladies in my classes. 
In their defense, they don’t know me since I haven’t been to their studios as a regular, don’t know whether I’m really in shape or not and don’t know my medical situation.  They are only trying to err on the side of caution, which I completely understand – but BUMMER!!   I might try one more studio (Bikram Headquarters in LA – if anyone is going to let me in, the man himself might) but if they say no, then its three strikes and I’m out.
This whole pregnancy thing has been a big lesson in learning to honor my body – SO so important.  It’s so easy when we are on a mission to lose weight or get in shape to get really excited in the beginning and push a little too much….and get injured.  Sound familiar?  My plan was to use Patrick’s deployment as time to make my body look like a supermodel,  but my plans have changed slightly – now I’ll just be an 8-months-pregnant supermodel.  ;-)
My workouts used to consist of runs (which I can’t do right now and miss SO much), circuit workouts that would get my heart rate up a little higher than I should have it right now, lifting heavier weights than I should right now, and Bikram Yoga – and this would usually happen 5-6 days a week.  I’ve had to seriously alter my forms of exercise and that’s been a learning experience for me…frustrating at times because I want to do MORE.
If I’m out for a long speed walk, my legs just want to go faster.  So I’ll run – for about 5 seconds until my bladder feels like it’s going to pop and I learn my lesson.  I go to regular yoga classes instead of Bikram (still fantastic but not what I *wanted*), go hiking, lift lighter weights but a lot more reps, and listen to my body when it tells me we’re not working out today. 

Some days you just need a nap instead right?!  Case in point:  whatever is going on with your body, listen to it!  Take rest days; go for a lighter workout on some days – its okay.  Push yourself on the days that you can and give your body time to recover and recharge for the next killer workout. 
Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!  xo Shaina

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  1. Don't worry about taking it easy with the running, I tripped & fell in the 6th month during a jog & felt so terrible! All I did was walk the dogs & once a week prenatal yoga during pregnancy & I was able to take off most of the baby weight in the 1st 2 mths w/ just breastfeeding. You're probably eating a lot healthier than I did too. You'll snap right back with a few bikram yoga classes after, but keep that body (& baby!) cool!