Wednesday, April 11, 2012

32 weeks!

Getting excited over here!  I mean, obviously we've always been excited, but now that we're settled in our new home we can actually start making preparations for the baby's arrival!  Nothing like a little nesting instinct to get you moved in quickly huh? :-)

Getting bigger every day:

My official due date is still June 5th, but the doc thinks Baby Anderson may arrive a little early.  He/She has always measured on the large side, but Daddy is over 6 feet tall so who knows.  Patrick is still due to arrive a few weeks before baby so that's good news. 

At my last doctor's appointment, he told me the baby's heart rate was 130, give or take.  I don't believe in all those wives' tales about carrying the baby a certain way meaning one thing or craving certain things meaning another.  HOWEVER, men generally have a slower heart rate than women and this has been known to stay true for babies as well.  Baby Boy Anderson? ;-) 

My latest crazy dream: we were home from the hospital and I was no longer pregnant, but there was no baby in sight.  Just a hamster.  Ummm.....what?!

Belly debut my friends:

-Still rockin' a belly button...barely. :-)
-Total weight gained so far: 26 pounds
-Recent cravings: fresh fruit - I can't get enough!  I'm normally a veggie person no matter what meal it is, but I can't stop sticking my hand in the bowl of grapes I have in my fridge!  Snacks have been apples, oranges, or fruit cut up into a bowl of yogurt. 
-I'm surprised by how much energy I still have.  Don't get me wrong, I don't let that keep me from taking naps...but I haven't experienced the debilitating first trimester hit-by-a-truck-type fatigue I've been warned about.  I'm sure that will change the second Patrick gets home and wants to hang out with me.
-I totally get irritated faster.  My fuse isn't short...its more like nonexistent.  You've been warned haha.
-I've read that, at this point, I should notice a distinct difference between the baby's sleep time and awake time - with activity lasting 20-40 minutes.  What does it mean if play time lasts 3 hours?!  I'm not even close to kidding.

Hope you guys are having a fantastic hump day!  See you tomorrow with a new dinner recipe. :-)



  1. Wowee, new to your blog, and I must say congrats! You must be super excited! And looking good too. Must be nice to have your Patrick (my husband's name too) coming home really soon.

    1. thank you friend :) I'm SO excited to have him home soon. Counting the days....