Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back In Action

I'm back! :-)  I don't have anything terribly exciting in the way of recipes or workouts for you, though. 

Focusing on my diet and getting the right nutrition is definitely at the forefront right now, but I haven't spent much time in the kitchen since taking on my new role as private chef for this 7 lb bundle of love:

Most of my meals have been made by Daddy

or something really easy and quick that I can throw together before my favorite baby turns into an angry little man because he's hungry

until last night!  My Mom and Patrick's fam were all here for dinner that they brought over to cook on our NEW GRILL!!  Colleen & Henry came over yesterday and asked to borrow the 4Runner to pick something up.  Okay, sure.  I did NOT expect this to come back to the house:

We had a delish feast

remembered all the brave men & women of our Armed Forces and toasted to Tripp's arrival. 

Why, hello Blue Moon.  We meet again. (half a beer was AMAZING)

I'm working on the birth story for you, so that will be up soon.  We're off to Tripp's first doctor's appointment today and then I *have* to sit down and go through the 17,372 pictures we already have haha. 

Have a fantastic Tuesday! xo Shaina

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