Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Good Night's Rest

....was not what happened over here last night.  Imagine how shot your nerves would be if you were 8 months pregnant, home alone, and woken out of a dead sleep at 2am to your house alarm going off.  Not sure what happened - the alarm guys are going to look into it - but holy cow.  Talk about high blood pressure.  Even after I was back in bed all tucked in, I had dreams of someone breaking in all night.  Needless to say, I think I'll need a nap today.  Maybe a drink.  *kidding*

I have the day off so I'm really excited to just relax by Mom's pool and get some sun, go see my cousin's new house that she just closed on and meet some of Mom's coworkers when we do a driveby of the hospital. 
Breakfast this morning is a staple:

tortilla, 2 scrambled eggs, melted daiya, nutritional yeast and copious amounts of hot sauce + grapefruit juice and an orange <---- still can't get enough fruit!

Congratulations to our cousins Kit & Karla in Maui on their new baby boy born yesterday!  Karla was due 10 days before me but had to deliver a couple of weeks early.  Everyone is happy and healthy! 

Here's a Tuesday ab quickie to get those bellies ready for pool time.  Enjoy!  *as always, modify as needed and honor your body & any injuries*

1. plank for 30-45 seconds (if you're up for it, do the plank with your feet on a yoga ball and rest your upper body on your hands instead of your elbows)
2. 25 bicycle crunches
3. 10 Superman Banana's (thanks Tony Horton)
4. 25 flutter kicks
5. 15 reverse crunches
6. 25 oblique crunches on each side
7. 15 leg lifts (put your hands under your tailbone for a little more support, hands behind your head for an extra challenge)
8. plank for 30-45 seconds
9. 10 swiss ball jack knifes (for more of a challenge, keep your legs straight and use your abs to lift your hips in the air)
10. lay on your belly and push your upper body up with your hands....streeeeeetch.  :-)

*repeat if you're feeling frisky*


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