Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Morning everyone!  I have been waiting for May to get here since December and its FINALLY here!  I get to see this face
(circa Sept 2010) 

IN PERSON this month!  No hard date yet – really it’s not official until he’s wheels up headed towards LA – but we’re getting closer. 
I’m so excited about Patrick coming home, it *almost* takes my mind off the fact that our nursery still looks like this:

Haha.  (The internal Virgo alarms are starting to go off.)
Not my normal way of going about things, but I didn’t see the point in getting a bunch of stuff early just to have to move it.  There isn’t much you need right when the baby comes anyway, but we’ll get it done when Patrick comes home.  I didn’t want him to come home to a completely finished nursery after having missed almost the entire pregnancy and feel like he wasn’t involved at all. 
In other news, I set up our delivery service from a local farm!  I’m so excited to get new and different stuff every week.  We’re all creatures of habit – we buy the same staples from the store most weeks and maybe throw a few new treats in there.  I’m excited to have to think outside of the produce box. ;-)
It’s a cloudy day over here.  I’m headed to a prenatal yoga class and then into work for a few hours.  Yoga is definitely getting more challenging, but I’m trying to stick with it as long as I can. 
Hope your day is fantastic! <3

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