Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We had a lovely trip down to San Diego last week.  I'm always excited to go down there!  San Diego is where Patrick and I were living when we met & started dating, so there are lots of fun memories for us. 

Haha...don't ask. 

Vacations are always fun, but there are definitely things I *don't* look forward when we return home:
1. the mountain of laundry
2. a refrigerator that's about as impressive as the day before you move into your new place.  exactly.

Its always so tempting to just grab some takeout when we get close to the house.  We actually turned the AC completely off before we left (not my idea), so walking into a stuffy sauna when we unlocked our front door pretty much took away any appetite either of us had.  We snacked and called it a night. 

I spent my Saturday tackling said mountain of laundry and grocery shopping.  Then we had a dinner party!

We had family over and finally got around to inviting our neighbors for dinner.  Bad Shaina.  We've been here for almost 4 months!  The best part of the night:  I did some prep work and that was it!  The men cooked.  AND cleaned!

Except Tripp.  He just flirted with the ladies.

We learned that we made a mistake in renting this house, though.  Its too small already and we only have 1 baby!  We really enjoy having people over and entertaining, but anything more than 10 is a tight squeeze around the dinner table.  Looks like we need to get on that patio furniture shopping!

We're off to church and then I'll be having a cookstravaganza this afternoon to prep for the week.  Hopefully my veggie burger experiment isn't a complete bust.  Hope you're having a great weekend!


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