Friday, February 10, 2012

23 Week Update!

Happy Friday everyone!  The weekend is finally here....anything fun planned?  I hope you guys started the day with a delicious breakfast - most important meal of the day!

We (yes we, me and the baby haha) had a whole wheat english muffin topped with a little veganaise, some daiya "cheese", sliced tomatoes, 2 over-hard eggs (gosh I miss my runny yolks) and sliced avocado + strawberries and juice.

I spent my morning visiting with the doctor to check in on the baby.  Report: all is well. :-)  Baby is growing like a weed and looking healthy...and never sleeps, I swear!  I'm 23 weeks & 2 days, and the baby measured at 24 weeks 2 days with the head, 25 weeks 2 days with the leg.  My prediction: tall baby and a week early.  We don't know the sex (because Patrick won't let me find out) but I have a hunch.  We'll have to wait and see if I'm right....

My doctor is awesome and lets me record the ultrasounds for Patrick.  Baby Anderson says hi everyone!

So here's what we started with:
(the flowers have bloomed a little, but they're still looking good - I know you were wondering Mom)

then we started to pop out a little bit around 11 weeks:

I remember thinking "wow I'm getting big" around 19 weeks (ha!): 

and here we are at 23 weeks:

a little pointy this week. :-)  Total weight gain so far: 16 pounds. 

Things that run through my head on a daily basis:

1. I hope my bladder returns to its normal capacity.  I used to stand a 4 hour watch on the ship and drink water the entire problem.  Now, I make a mad dash for the bathroom and pee a tablespoon.

2. I miss running.  I never thought that sentence would be true, but I really really miss running.  I get legitimately jealous when I'm out walking and see runners. 

3. The whole process of getting my body back (and hopefully better!) makes me nervous (but excited).  I know most of it happens automatically, but I've never *had* to lose 30+ pounds before.  Last time I did it, it just sort of happened as a result of changing my lifestyle.  It blows my mind that my waistline could go from whatever crazy number it will be back to 27ish (hopefully) in a few months.  Being married to a man as handsome as my husband should be good motivation though. :-)

4. My hunch?  Boy.  I had a crazy dream Tuesday night that I was waiting for the doctor in the exam room.  Somehow, I knew how to use the sonogram machine, so I did a little sneak peek while I was alone and saw baby boy parts.  I couldn't make this up - seriously.  A lot of friends/family say boy, a crazy gypsy lady did the whole pendulum-swinging-thing over my belly and said boy, and I've just always felt like it was a boy.  Won't WE be shocked when a girl comes out?!  Haha.

5. Workouts still feel fantastic, but are definitely starting to slow down a little.  I try to walk for an hour or hit up a yoga class on most days - but holy cow, a 2 hour nap sounds fantastic as soon as I'm done.  That definitely happens more often than not.

6.  I've been lucky that I haven't had the sore hips a lot of pregnant women complain about, but my tailbone has started to get tight after long walks.  Nothing a little stretching doesn't fix, though.

7.  My nails have never looked so fantastic!  I used to bite them, so when I finally stopped they were pretty thin, would break easily and took forever to grow.  I had to cut my nails today for the first time in YEARS, after already filing them down twice this week.  Amazing.

I'm off to get a new phone and do some bridal shower planning. ;-) Have a fantastic weekend everyone! xo Shaina

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