Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not in the Mood

Happy hump day everyone!  We’re 24 weeks pregnant today – officially a viable pregnancy, God forbid anything happens.  Big milestone. J

Big belly haha.

Last night, my plan was to treat myself to whatever my little heart - and Valentine - desired for dinner.  5pm came around….nothing.  I wasn’t even hungry.  What a disappointment.  The last two times this happened, I just kind of snacked my way through the evening – and woke up ravenous at 5am.  That was not happening again so I decided to throw something together.  What do you cook when you’re not in the mood for anything really?
I had pasta on hand, that sounded yummy…but I didn’t want a bowl of just pasta, and I always want spicy, soooooo -
I sautéed some yellow onions and garlic in olive oil while my whole wheat penne was boiling:

Added some salt, pepper, cayenne and crushed red pepper.  After a few minutes, I threw in some roasted broccoli florets that I had left over from the other day. Once those were warmed up, I added a little bit of (vegan) cheese and white wine. 

After that reduced a bit, I tossed in some penne and a tiny bit of red sauce just to coat everything.  Just before serving, I tossed in some tomatoes. 

Verdict: garlicky with a kick.  Delish and easy.  It literally took me 15 minutes to make and I have leftovers for whenever.  I won’t need them today because I’m off to San Diego to play!

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone! xo Shaina

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