Friday, February 24, 2012

Snack Monster

Happy Friday everyone!  Its absolutely beautiful here.  I was going to spend the day catching up on life, but I got called in to work for a few hours.  No problem – just a little busier than planned.  J

So in addition to waking up at 4am so hungry that I can't go back to sleep unless I have a snack, meals have pretty much dwindled down to this:

Two scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast and hot sauce + juice for breakfast. 

If I eat much more than that, I’m so uncomfortable.  I had a veggie wrap from Whole Paycheck for dinner last night and felt like I had eaten Thanksgiving dinner.   I know it’s because the baby is taking up valuable real estate, but really? Already?  The average baby is about 13.5 inches right now, but I’m willing to bet ours is longer – Daddy is almost 6’2”.

This is actually a lot more like the way we all should be eating on a daily basis, though, so I don’t mind.  Eating every few hours (or hour in my case haha) helps keep your metabolism going, so you actually burn more calories in the long run.  In an hour, I’ll be ready to eat again on the way to work – but I’m ready!

Don’t put too much cinnamon on your apples though.  Inhaling it really isn’t that much fun. 
Have a wonderful day! xo Shaina

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