Friday, March 23, 2012

Reward Yourself

Happy Friday morning!  
How has everyone’s week been? I killed a monster to-do list yesterday and it felt GLORIOUS.  Everything is in place for the big move!  I confirmed the movers in Seattle and here in CA, got all of our utilities squared away/appointments made, I pick up the keys next Thursday and our stuff comes a few days later! In case you couldn’t tell – I’m very excited. J
I actually had my first *awesome* prenatal yoga class yesterday.  I’ve tried a few different ones and, for the most part, its just an hour of stretching.  Not to say I don’t need to stretch, but I still want a workout!  This was the first “prenatal” class that actually got my heart rate up.  I’ve been going to regular vinyasa classes and just modifying as needed – but the belly is making me have to modify about 75% of the class lately haha.  Yesterday’s class at Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary was a winner.  
Because I’m trying to dwindle down my grocery stash in the fridge before I move, I’m trying to just use what I already have, but I thought yesterday’s accomplishments deserved a farmer’s market reward:

monstrous sweet white grapefruits and

kumquats!  Amazing little orange balls of glory.  There also might have been a pile of bean and cheese nachos shared between me and Colleen….maybe.
We’re up early this morning to go to the gym with the brother-in-law.  He has requested my assistance getting familiar with the free weights section of the gym…he’ll be sorry. ;-)

Then we’re off to a doctor’s appointment, dress shopping for some maternity pictures this weekend (!), a workout, and off to work.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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