Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cranky Pants

I'm probably one of the least negative people you will meet, but I need a vent sesh…I have some serious cranky pants on this morning.  

This came about through a series of events, mostly having to do with our upcoming move.  Everything is fine and it is all falling into place, but the amount of work I’m having to do to make that happen is unreal.  The lack of personal responsibility on the part of many people is just astounding to me lately.  Maybe its because of my job and the emphasis that our company puts on personal responsibility that I’m noticing this more and more, maybe its because I'm almost 7 months pregnant and my tolerance for other people's silliness is much lower (trying to not be super negative here)…but YIKES.  People just assume someone else will take care of it, they think no one will notice, they blow stuff off and hope it takes care of itself, etc.  REALLY?!  Please do your job, get back to people in a timely manner, don’t assume someone else took care of it…and if you can’t do that, at least communicate with the person on the other end so they can know what to expect.  That would honestly alleviate half the problem….just a little communication.  Am I asking too much? 
Thanks for listening. J  Cranky pants are off.   Now back to your normally scheduled program….
Last week was a little hectic…hence the lack of blogging.  I did manage to squeeze some fun in though!

The party was fantastic, and I even managed to keep from stuffing myself – its all about some will power.  You can come back to that post before the Easter feast. ;-)

Breakfast was a quick and easy favorite over here: Deliciousness.

Grapes, cantaloupe, banana, walnuts, flax seed, cinnamon, goat yogurt and honey.   Nom nom.

I think a walk on the beach for some fresh air sounds good today...its GORGEOUS outside.  Mom wants to see Santa Monica so we’ll probably head west this afternoon after some errands.

Here’s a workout quickie to burn off those potato calories from St. Patrick’s Day!
-run in place for 1 minute
-jumping jacks for 1 minute
-25 body weight squats (or add weight if you like)
-15 pushups
-15 lunges on each side
-plank for 45 seconds
Repeat 1-2 times! J  

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone! <3 Shaina

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