Monday, March 12, 2012

Holy Third Trimester!

Morning everyone!  Happy Monday to ya.  I hope your weekend was amazing and that no one has a case of the Monday’s. 

Ever have a craving for the kid classic PB&J but talk yourself out of it because “carbs are bad?”  (Guilty!) Well, after my Indian food fiasco, I’ll never talk myself out of a craving again.  Enter the whole wheat wrap:

PB&J really isn’t that bad for you if you’re not using bleached white bread and half a jar of jelly whose first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. ;-)  They can be tricky to find sometimes, but most health food stores have more natural options.  You just have to get into the habit of reading the nutritional stats.  I added half a banana and some cinnamon to mine (and actually used almond butter this time):

rolled it up and devoured.

Do you know what time it is?

Haha sorry, I couldn’t help myself.
Onto more important stuff: Baby Anderson! J  I know that’s why you’re here – its okay.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that the baby will now be way more interesting to everyone than I’ll ever be. In a last ditch effort to promote myself instead, here's a little timeline for you: 
11 weeks
20 weeks

24 weeks

27 weeks

We had our routine appointment scheduled for Friday, which really worked out because I was hit by the plague Thursday night and wanted to know that everything was okay.  Doctor’s report: we’re rolling into the third trimester, everything is fantastic and we’re moving to 2 week appointments!  The baby actually measured a lot closer to its gestational age this time.  When I saw on the printout that the baby’s head measured 7.15cm, I came home and pulled out my tape measure…and just about fell over.  Already?!

Ouch haha.
I know many of you are epidural advocates and will tell me why I should get one until you’re blue in the face.  I absolutely respect that and your choices.  After discussing all of the different birth plan options and past medical experiences/complications, Patrick and I have decided that, while we are open to whatever needs to happen for a healthy baby and Mama, our first choice is to welcome Baby Anderson into the world as naturally as possible. 
*This post is not meant to start a debate about childbirth options.  We ask that you please respect our choices as parents in the same way that we respect all of yours.* J

What's new lately:

-My belly button is almost gone.  I'm not convinced my innie will actually be outted, but what was once a swimming pool is now more like a dimple haha. 
-Still having crazy dreams.  The latest:  Miranda Lambert and I were best friends.  While awesome, I don't think its very likely.
-My appetite came back - and I'm sure you can see why!  We're popping out like nobody's business.  The other day I counted how many people asked me when I was due - I got to 7.  I guess there's no denying it?  That's okay.  I'd rather it be an obvious human baby than a possible food baby.
-Total weight gain so far: 20 pounds. 
-Energy levels are still good.  I'm hoping this holds out for the move in a few weeks! 
I'm off to run some errands and get my pearly whites polished.  Have a wonderful day everyone! <3 Shaina

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