Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts From My First Week As A Mom

Morning!  I was wide awake after Tripp's 5am feeding, so I thought I'd come down and enjoy a quiet breakfast while my two favorite men snooze away upstairs.  As I'm sitting here, I started reflecting on the last week.  Yesterday, I was supposed to be taking my 39 week pictures.  Instead, I snuggled, smelled, loved, fed, changed and stared at this handsome guy:

Its amazing the difference 1 week can make!

-I don't feel nearly as sleep deprived as I expected to.  Maybe that's because the only time Tripp ever wakes up is when the buffet opens, or maybe my body just snapped right back into SWO mode and my Navy days prepared me for this.  Who knows.  I've been getting solid 3 hour stretches at night and I feel great (who says that btw!?).

-Whatever someone tells you about the major hormone dump after delivering a baby - believe them.  I must have cried about 12 times the day we came home from the hospital.  I finally told Patrick I needed to just get in the shower and have a good cry instead of always trying to fight it - so not to worry if he heard me crying in there.  I felt SO much better afterward, but it still sneaks up on me once or twice a day.  I was holding Tripp and singing to him on Monday while we were watching Patrick put the grill together.  It was some sappy Carrie Underwood song and the tears started flowing.  Fast, fun songs are definitely the way to go right now haha. 

-Doing your research and having a fantastic doctor/midwife/doula/whoever is so so important.  My OB was freaking fantastic and I will be forever grateful to him for the amazing experience we had.  You can't pick your nurses in the hospital (although I may try to request the same ones next time haha) but we hit the jackpot with our team.  My L&D nurse was OHmazing and I was honestly sad to leave my maternity nurse.  Is it weird to go to lunch with someone that's been checking your girlie parts for the last few days?  I felt so attached to her by the time we left!

-I am so grateful for Patrick.  He continues to amaze me when I watch him interact with our son.  He doesn't really have any experience with babies and has taken to caring for Tripp like he's been doing it for years.  The fact that Tripp peed on him while napping and he just sat there for 45 minutes because he didn't want to wake him made me laugh and cry.  The things you do for your kids....

-Speaking of peeing - a 3 day old little boy can have a REALLY forceful stream going!  At 1 am, Tripp managed to completely miss himself, his clothes and any part of the changing table...but shot completely up the wall and over his own head to the huge teddy bear sitting next to the dresser.  Impressive. 

-One of my fears during my pregnancy was that breastfeeding wasn't going to work for one of a million reasons.   I'm so thankful that its working out and I cherish that time that we spend together.  One the flip side of the coin, I can see where it will be a little bit of a relief to start pumping bottles so that other people can feed Tripp and I can take a few hours to maybe go for a long run or go out shopping without staring at the clock.

-Speaking of running, our first stroller outing was on Monday.  We needed a few things from Trader Joe's and I wanted to shake my legs out so off we went for a walk with my Mom.  It was about 2 miles round trip...and kicked. my. ass.  Didn't see THAT one coming.  It didn't hurt at all - it actually felt really good - I was just *really* tired that night.  Running might suck at first haha.

-More so when we're driving, but even when we are walking around the neighborhood with Tripp, I am the most vigilant person ever.  Eyes darting around looking for other cars & crazy drivers.  This Mama Bear protective instinct is no joke.  I'm not a violent person, but I wouldn't think twice about killing someone that tried to hurt my baby.

-I've always heard that having your own children makes you finally realize everything your parents did for you.  I have no idea how my Mom came home from the hospital and did this by herself.  I'm sure there will be many times that I say this over the next 30 years but Mom - I love you.  Thank you. :-)

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