Monday, June 25, 2012

Mom For A Month

Happy 1 month Birthday to our sweet baby boy! 

I can't believe how quickly it has gone by!  Tripp continues to amaze me every day with new sounds and facial expressions.  If he's been laying on his changing table too long, he'll let out this little shriek to let you know he's not happy and you need to hurry it up haha.  You can tell he's trying to soak everything in and his personality is starting to come that he isn't sleeping 23.5 hours out of the day.  When he first came home from the hospital, I literally had to wake him for feedings for a good two weeks.  Every picture looked something like this:

When we first came home, I honestly thought I would never get anything done...ever again.  How can any Mom want to do *anything* but sit on the couch and snuggle their new baby?!  I'm glad that wears off after a few weeks and I actually learned to put him down for his naps. ;-)  Babies sleep better that way anyway and I can either nap or get stuff done - so it makes for a much happier family all around.

Speaking of naps, can you really call them naps when babies sleep around the clock?  That doesn't make sense to me.  Until the two week mark or so, Tripp was never really awake.  He was half asleep through most diaper changes, woke up just enough to find the boob and went back to sleep on the job and was an angry little man when he had to be awake long enough for a bath.  Yikes.  He's much more alert (and fun!) now and actually didn't cry at all for his bath on Saturday, so we're making progress. 

Pumping.  Any woman out there reading this that had to pump after every feeding to boost supply or whatever reason....I applaud you.  If you had to pump at all, you're amazing.  I'm choosing to pump already just so that Tripp can get 1 bottle a day from Daddy and I have a small freezer stash for whoever watches him on occasion. Its a pain sometimes.  I usually pump a bottle in the morning from whichever side he doesn't go for (he's a one boob kind of man most of the time) and then I'll pump in the evening while he's getting a bottle.  Not my favorite way to spend 15 minutes but its working out so far.

I've started to put him down for naps in his crib during the day so he gets familiar with his room and isn't freaked out the first night we put him to bed in there.  I'm actually sad thinking about that...our room will be so quiet.  He makes the strangest noises in his sleep.  Sometimes Patrick and I will be talking in bed before we go to sleep and just laugh hysterically at the sounds coming from his corner of the room.  Its a mix between the grunting of an old man and the snorting of a pug.  We should probably tell him that he needs to get that under control before he gets married - which won't happen until he's 40 of course. ;-)

I'm just about back into the swing of workout things.  My ideal routine (at least for now) is to put him back down after his early AM feeding and scoot out for a run while the men snooze.  As my runs get longer, I won't have time to come back and do weights/yoga/whatever before he wakes up so I'll save that for his afternoon nap.  It was tempting to go back to bed this morning, but I resisted and went out for a short 2 mile run.  Up 1 mile from last week!  Feeling good so far, but definitely not jumping into a M-F routine juuuuust yet.  I'm taking it 1 day at a time and seeing how I feel in the morning.  So far so good.

Have a lovely Monday everyone! xo Shaina

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