Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 Months

So hard to believe our baby boy is 3 months old already! 

Tripp almost seems like a completely different baby.  I've heard from so many Moms that 0-3 months is just survival mode and then all of a sudden, something clicks and you just get it.  You have a little person now instead of an 8 pound helpless blob haha.  Don't get me wrong, he was an adorable blob, but he's way more fun now!

-We were starting to get smiles a month ago, but now he's definitely Mr. Smiley. 

He also has some of THE funniest facial expressions:


-Patrick is his favorite person in the ENTIRE world.  I get my fair share of smiles when I go to get him out of his crib or when we're playing, but all Daddy has to do is look at him.  Its kind of disgusting really haha.  When we were on the plane coming back from the East Coast, Tripp would just sit there and stare Patrick down. 

 Whenever Patrick looked over at Tripp, this happened:


-Tummy time is not a favorite over here.  He will either just lay there and lick the blanket (if he's in a good mood) or get incredibly pissed 2.5 seconds after I put him on his stomach.  When he's mad, that's when he squirms and tries to roll over so I try not to rescue him too soon.  Its so hard though!  Necessity breeds invention right?  That's what I keep telling myself.  He's lifting his head higher each time, so we're getting there. 

-We're so close to getting a laugh!  We found out he LOVES when you put his toes in his mouth.  He does this funny gasping thing, which I think is his way of laughing right now.  Its pretty hilarious.  I'll try to catch it on video one of these days, but I'm pretty sure I know how that's going to work out. 

-Tripp is a champion traveler.  I was so thankful and proud of him on our vacation.  We took the redeye over there and he slept the entire flight.  He actually wouldn't even wake up to eat during takeoff.  I tried, but finally gave up and figured he would wake up if his ears were hurting.  On the way back, we flew during the day and he stuck to his normal routine.  He fell asleep after takeoff, woke up when it was time to eat a few hours later, stayed up to play a little while and then went back to sleep.  Amazing.  I'm hoping it goes as smoothly next month when I don't have Patrick to help me. :-/

-He slept through the night!!!! Only twice, but I'll take it.  The first night was Friday.  I woke up to my alarm at 6:30am and was SO confused.  Tripp ended up sleeping until 7 that morning.  The next night was our first night back at home.  Technically he didn't sleep the whole night, but he woke up at 4 (probably feeling like it was 7) so I was okay with that.  We haven't had a repeat in a few days, but I'm hoping we will soon.  I thought he was going down for a nap at 5 yesterday and he didn't wake up until after midnight!  Then started today at 530am.....  If we could just shift that whole scenario to the right about 2 hours, that would be fantastic. 

Things get more fun every day.  We see new facial expressions, hear new sounds and get excited for the next thing to come.  I feel so blessed every day to have a happy, healthy baby boy.

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