Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from the Stone Age

Oh hey 2012, its nice to be back. ;-)

When I decided to rent the townhouse that we currently live in, I didn't even realize that there was no microwave!  I was so excited about the gas stove that it just slipped right by me.  At first, Patrick was convinced that we could get by without one and I was willing to try.  There have actually only been a handful of instances where I was cooking and wanted it for something, but I survived.  The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that it was going to get on Patrick's nerves more than it would mine.  He does leftovers most of the time if I'm not home, so we added finding one to our ongoing to do list. 

Its not the stainless steel over-the-stove-type that we're used to, but Craig's List is good for some things.  We figured when we buy a place (in a year?), that it will most likely come with a microwave - or I'll want a new set of kitchen appliances that are all matchy matchy anyway. :-)

Last night's dinner didn't call for a microwave:

grilled blackened salmon atop fresh greens from the farm, cucumber, tomato, black beans, roasted corn on the cob (cut off the cob), and feta + roasted broccoli.  Patrick said it was a little better than the salads he had been eating on the ship. ;-)  Nothing says summer to me like chowing down on a corn cob, but it was just as delish in the salad.

My current favorite way to cook broccoli:

-cut & wash
-toss in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and this amazing stuff (normally I try to stay away from seasoning mixes because of the sodium content, but this has none!)

-spread on a cooking sheet and bake at 400 for 20ish minutes.  I like mine a little crispy so I do 25 minutes.

Breakfast this morning was a favorite:

banana, strawberries, peach, apple, cashews, walnuts, cinnamon, flax seed, yogurt, a little milk, steel cut oats + a blob of PB

We're tackling some more of the pre-baby to do list today!  Have a fantastic Thursday!  xo Shaina

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